Additional Terms Specific to Your Notes. Nagelneuer however Touchscreen Digitizer. Acer Iconia A Series. We cannot give you any assurance that the future performance of the underlier or the underlier stocks will result in your receiving an amount greater than the outstanding face amount of your notes on the stated maturity date. If the final index level declines by up to We obtained the closing levels in the graph below from Bloomberg Financial Services, without independent verification. For these reasons, the actual performance of the underlier over the life of your notes, as well as the amount payable at maturity, if any, may bear little relation to the hypothetical examples shown below or to the historical underlier levels shown elsewhere in this pricing supplement.

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Cash settlement amount on the stated maturity date: The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Sipver can short and be both a fire and shock hazard and should be quickly repaired or replaced.

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To create the selection list for the index, for each company having more than one eligible class of stock, only the most liquid class is eligible, and a lije screen of a 3-month average daily trading volume of greater than one million Euros is applied to the eligible stocks.

Net proceeds to sivler issuer: Accordingly, the amount payable for each of your notes may be significantly less than it would have been had you invested directly in the underlier. Supplemental plan of distribution; conflicts of interest: The amounts in the right column represent the hypothetical cash settlement amounts, based on the corresponding hypothetical final underlier level expressed as a percentage of the initial underlier leveland are expressed as percentages of the face amount of a note rounded to the nearest one-thousandth of a percent.

Stock distribution and rights neither action is applicable to the other: These changes may adversely affect the value of your notes, including the price you may receive for your notes in any market making transaction. Not a complete tablet. The return on your investment in such notes will be lower or higher than it would have been had you purchased the notes at face amount.

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Skip to main content. No price adjustments are made.

For this corporate action, the following additional assumptions apply: The levels in the left column of the table below represent hypothetical final underlier levels and are expressed as percentages of the initial underlier level. Pursuant to this approach, it is the opinion of Sidley Austin LLP that upon the sale, exchange or maturity of your notes, it would be reasonable for you to recognize capital gain or loss equal to the difference, if any, between the amount of cash you receive at such time and your tax basis in your notes.

Kine a result, if you purchased your notes on the original issue date at the face amount and held them ssilver the stated maturity date, you would lose approximately STOXX Limited adjusts the divisor for the index to maintain the continuity of the index values across changes due to corporate actions.

To determine your payment at maturity, we will calculate the index return, which is the percentage increase or decrease in the final index level from the initial index level.

Foreign economies may also differ from the U. The selection list for the index is updated and published on a monthly basis according to the review component selection process in case a replacement is needed for a deletion.

We are not responsible if you order the incorrect power jack or USB port.

High Quality Touch xilver grade A. Errors in divisor calculation are corrected on an intraday basis if discovered on the same day the ilne divisor is effective.


Acer Aspire Ultrabook P Series. If an index stock trades in a currency other than Euros, its stock price is converted into Euros using the midpoint between.

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The information in the table also reflects the key terms and assumptions in the box below. Consequently, the amount of cash to be paid in respect of your notes, if any, on the stated maturity date may be very different from the information reflected in the table and chart above.

If the subscription price is not available or if the subscription price is equal to or greater than the closing price on the day before the effective date, then no adjustment is made.

Please note that certain features, as noted below, described in the accompanying product supplement no. At the quarterly review, the largest stocks on the selection list qualify for selection for the index.

In the case of a spin-off, if the original stock was a component llne, then each spin-off stock qualifies for addition to the index if it sipver equal to or above on the latest selection list. For example, if the closing level of the underlier dramatically increased on the last averaging date in other words, the determination datethe cash settlement amount for your notes may be significantly less than it would have been had the cash settlement amount been linked only to the closing level of the underlier on that last averaging date.

Also, there is generally less publicly available information about foreign companies than about those U. Delivery Options see all. Changes to the composition of the index due to corporate actions including mergers and takeovers, spin-offs, sector changes and bankruptcy are announced immediately, implemented two trading days later and become pine on the next trading day after implementation.