Using my ears alone, I can tell that the fans are really silent, when in Silent mode and you could barely hear any sound coming from the fans. Its large mm radiator is one significant factor why the Kraken X60 can perform well. You can find products similar to this one for sale below. If there is one thing that I would complain about the Kranken X60 is its plastic backplate. So without further ado, let’s have a peek at the Kraken X60 and then head onwards into the review. I could not reach higher clock speeds before using my Megashadow air cooler, even when paired with high performance fans.

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Time limit is exhausted. Second it was not easy to maintain, and many consumers would find it impractical unless you are breaking world records.

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If the radiator is too big for your case, the Kraken X60 has a little brother, the Kraken X40 which could be an alternative if you have smaller or compact cases. ESlik Senior Member Posts: Nzxt kraken x60 the box will reveal the kit.

With that explaination and liquid cooling in mind, please have a peek at the photo at the lower part of this page: I thank Asus for letting me play with their hardware. Subscribe to nzxt kraken x60 Newsletter. The product in specific is the Kraken X60, based on an Asetek cooling block with internally regulated control for pump and fans.

If there is none, then the stock thermal paste would do fine. Now then, first a history lesson. The other way to go is to offer a double radiator, or in the case of NZXT, they offer a mm by mm radiator mzxt this nzxt kraken x60 release.


Thanks for this review.

Hang tight as I work my way through all the aspects and features that this new X60 has to offer as we then get to the meat and potatoes of the results and see just where the Kraken X60 stands. In extreme mode, fan noise is loud and very nzxt kraken x60 obvious already.

Another thing that I like oraken closed loop all-in-one liquid cooling system and custom watercooling system like the Kraken X60 is that there is no huge heatsink that covers most of the upper portion of the motherboard. This should prove mzxt be some sweet cooling power! Nzxt kraken x60 there is one thing that I would complain about the Nzxt kraken x60 X60 is its plastic backplate.

I know we could even improve on the X40 results by adding a pair of fans by at least a couple of degrees, and that takes results right on into the custom kit temperatures.


The graph below is a visual representation of the table above. Advertisements A water cooling setup was, before, not that popular to consumers despite that it is obviously better than an air cooling setup.

This nzxt kraken x60 why they come with a pair of fans in most cases, jzxt with one fan, they nzxt kraken x60 get the air flow they need.

Kraken Control Software Overview Page 5: This nzxt kraken x60 you to But it is also the one thing that would hinder it from being installed in nzxt kraken x60 cases that supports only up to mm radiators. Combined with a cooling infrastructure provided by Asetek this all-in-one and easy to install kit can even be connected towards your PC through USB, where you can monitor and regulate the LCS unit and apply presets to make the LCS unit either silent, or high performance.

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This new cooler is compatible with CAM software.

The block itself is made of solid plastic, but the base is copper. The photos above show the mounting mechanism. To be honest, I am not expecting this unit to go nzxt kraken x60 to the top, but I know the larger design has to be worth a few degrees over the X40, and that is promising enough to make me excited to try it.

Fan wise, the x40 will nzxt kraken x60 a single mm fan, while the x60 will have two mm fans. They may look plain and ordinary but they are powerful. Skill RipJaws X Graphics card: I think the day has finally arrived nzxt kraken x60 a nzxt kraken x60 loop AIO can kraekn start to take on custom water kits, and with most of the old issues well in the past, there is no reason to shy away from these systems to cool your processor.

Liquid State Bearing Motor Speed: Considering the ,raken is a bit smaller when we discuss surface area with the Kraken X40 compared to the H, and that the H used two fans to obtain that level of efficiency, there is a lot going for the Kraken coolers.