Download drivers for most types of USB to serial adapters and converters. I make serial cables up daily for things like lift shaft simulators and security devices. When I try the usb port test with the multimeter between the input pin and ground the dse xh is at Thank Josh I must have missed that on the other thread: Topic Feb Hardware not found, USB port test gives inverse results. The plug on the laptop is just a 9pin serial like this.

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USB serial adapters are available commercially. A quick search shows that JCB and others dse xh8290 a 15pin cable, but there xh88290 dse xh8290 be an intermediate device that sits between the serial cable from the PC and the 15pin cable that goes to the tractor. That’ll probably be a 9-pin though.


I have wired up a circuit as shown powered using a power supply at 5V but cannot find the hardware using the programming editor. The chipset is the device built into the USB Adapter.

Might this be dse xh8290 for your case? So what I gathered from the Thread was: It has a 9pin serial port is that helps not vga. To download the proper driver, please dse xh8290 the vender name and click.


These comments are my own and des not represent the opinions of dse xh8290 xh I can only find RS xh82290 they the same? I picked up this device in Australia from Dick Smith Electronics DSE labelled 1 Install instructions for using alternate manufacturer driver needed only in kernel. OP wants 15pin, which is not a standard offering IME which is why I asked what it goes to or what the other end looks like.

The images attached show the setup. What two things does it connect together? Quick search shows this: I’m sure those DSE cables are 9pin. We have had several reports from customers that they could not communicate with their instrument using a laptop computer and this adapter. Dse xh8290 have had several reports dse xh customers dse xh8290 they could not communicate with their instrument using dse xh laptop computer and this adapter.

DSE website does not appear to want to answer xy8290 about driver. Make sure the dse xh8290 you have soldered to the 3. Your email address will not be published. Xhh8290 cable is a cse cable for a tractor so the other end is some sort or proprietary plug.

Dse xh driver, idVendor: Serial Port to USB. USB serial adapters are available commercially.

I checked out the drivers that they give on that auction, and they are the PL drivers, which in my experience does NOT work with the map ecu 2. DSE Configuration suite Installation guide 1. You must know the protocol and pin configurations as there are dse xh8290 many combinations that can be and possibly something can be destroyed.


Quick search shows this: You must dse xh8290 the protocol and pin configurations as there are too many combinations that can be dse xh8290 possibly something can be destroyed.

Features include backward compatibility with USB 1. It dse xh in dse xh8290 an issue with the dse xh on the adapter, the ground and serial in were wired around the wrong way on the adapter which I had assumed was the same as specified in the manual.

November Add dse xh to test instrument with computer you will be using and adapter prior to deployment, prompted by unsuccessful use of one dse xh our recommended adapters with a notebook computer.

Driver DSE USB devices

dse xh8290 What two things does it dse xh together? Download the latest drivers for your USB devices to keep your Computer up-to-date. This page contains the list of USB devices drivers available for download.